HotMelt - CWB Vinyl Materials


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  • For use wit hour Textile Foils, Flocking Sheets, and Reflective Sheets
  • Comes with no liner and a clear carrier
  • Pressure-sensitive carrier enables easy weeding and repositioning


19.5" x 3'

Acceptable Fabrics:

Cotton, Polyester, Cotton/Polyester Blends, Polyester/Acrylic

Application Instructions:


  • 45° Blade with very low pressure
  • Cut this material in mirror image with the smooth side down
  • 300°F, medium, even pressure for 5 seconds
  • Peel warm, almost hot


  • Place foil over the Hotmelt, cover with Teflon sheet & press for 10 seconds. Rub with cloth, let cool completely, then peel

Care Instructions:

Wash Inside out, cold water, line dry. Not suitable for dry-cleaning